Paramount Theatre

Rutland, Vermont –
Engineering Services of Vermont has been involved in the Paramount Theatre in Rutland, Vermont since its renovation in 2001.

Employees of our firm provided evaluation of the feasibility of restoring the historic theatre, assisting in determining the funding necessary to accomplish the renovation.  The building was abandoned and empty for over ten (10) years prior to this evaluation.  The study included conceptual design and estimates for providing modern mechanical, electrical and theater performance systems.  Our firm’s Principal Mechanical Engineer provided mechanical engineering and design to renovate this turn of the century, 850 seat theatre located in the Downtown Rutland redevelopment area.  The design included air conditioning and ventilation, heating, plumbing and fire protection including careful consideration of acoustical issues.

ESVT has been involved in several projects at the Theater, including assisting with boiler upgrades and replacements, upgrade of temperature control systems and emergency egress lighting upgrades.

Engineering Services of Vermont has provided mechanical, plumbing, fire protection and electrical support for development of construction documents for the renovation of the adjacent 3 floor Richardson Building, which is presently only occupied on the first floor, along with general renovations in the Theatre itself.  This renovation would provide performance arts classroom space to the Theatre, improve accessibility through the Theatre and include energy efficiency upgrades throughout the buildings.  This project is currently pending funding.

ESVT has worked closely with NBF Architects, P.C. with supporting the Paramount Theatre in these projects.

Engineering Services of Vermont is a Member of the Paramount Theatre and has provided sponsorship for several performances.


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